Jin is a Sarcosian and self-described culture hero working as a horse trader in Baden's Bluff


Agile, clever, healthy; owns a horse, wealthy, and connected locally to Kaveh and his son Cyrus

Panic-attacks in the wake of any fight, feels responsible for others’ misfortunes, greedy.

Jin [165pts, 15 unspent]
Heroic Path: Chanceborn
First manifestation: Serendipity Level 1
Second manifestation: Hard to Kill +2, Hard to Subdue +2, Damage resistance +1, Fearless +1
Third manifestation: Incredible Luck 1/30 mins, DR +1

ST 10 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 11

4 Acute Taste/Smell +2
10 Comfortable Wealth
11 Contacts: Sarcosians
DR +2
Fearless +1
Hard to Kill +2
Hard to Subdue +2
5 Horse
5 Rapid Healing
Reputation (Resistance) +1
Reputation (Sarcosians) +1
5 Sensitive
-5 Dependents: Sister’s Kids
-15 Guilt Complex
-5 Post-Combat Shakes
-5 Secret
-15 Greed
Acting 11, Brawling 13, Broadsword 14, Detect Lies 12, Fast Talk 13, First Aid 14, Forgery 11, Intimidate 11, Leadership 12, Merchant 12, Riding 13, Savoire-Faire 13, Shield 14, Stealth 13, Tactics 11, Thrown Weapon 14
Native Spoken Sarcosian, Accented Written Black Speech, Accented Spoken Dornish, Accented Spoken Trader’s Tongue
Move 5.75, Dodge 7 (encumberance), Parry 9 (scimitar), Block (medium shield) 11
Personal Basics, Purse, 10 yards of rope, Sleeping Fur, Tent, Canteen, Climbing Gear, Scimitar (broadsword), traveler’s Rations 2 days, Axe, Medium Wooden Shield, Grain for Horses 2 days, Leather Armor, Chainmail Armor, Small Knife, Horse


Jin is a Sarcosian nomad who found her way to the town of Waymeet and has set herself up as a horse-trader. She brokers horses raised by fellow Sarcosians and stays in touch with them. She has also earned some trust of Legate Karix, who sometimes provides her with inside information, particularly after he’s had a few cups of wine.

Since her arrival in Baden’s Bluff, Jin has, among other things, sought to emulate the legendary heroics of “Robbin’ Hoof”, a Sarcosian who robbed from the Shadow to give to the resistance. She has had a brand created, representing the Dorn Hill Resistors, and has most recently even had Verrick branded as a way to re-insert him into the Temple of Shadow.


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