Jen Almasi [Undead]

Once leader of the Avenging Knives, she is now a Fell bodyguard for High Legate Cerano


Jen Almasi was a 150pt character; she is now a 130pt character with the added template of “Recent Ungral”.

She is taller than most women, and from time to time on her face there is a flash of recognition, then horror, then it goes blank again, and the light in her eyes goes out.

Jen Almasi [128/130pts]

ST 13 DX 13 IQ 7 (13) HT 11

-20 Recent Ungral: Doesn’t Breathe, Doesn’t Eat or Drink, Doesn’t Sleep, Hard to Kill 5, Hard to Subdue +5, Injury Tolerance: Unliving, Unfazeable
Monstrous Appearance -5, Uncontrollable Appetite, Unhealing: Partial
15 Combat Reflexes
10 Perception +2
10 Strong Will +2
-10 Bloodlust
-20 Enemies: the resistance
-10 Impulsive
-5 Reputation: failed assassination attempt -2
44 Acting 8, Area Knowledge 9, Brawling 14, Climbing 13, Disguise 9, Intimidation 8, Knife 15, Leadership 8, Search 10, Shortsword 15, Stealth 15, Survival 8, Tactics 7
Move 6.25, Dodge 9, Parry 11 (thrusting broadsword), DR 2
Fine large knife 16 1d imp, Shortsword 16 1d-1 imp 1d
1 cut, Leather armor


Jen Almasi arrived in Baden’s Bluff two years ago, passionately committed to the resistance against the Shadow, but frustrated and disappointed with the slow pace of Tomas Baden and his followers. Shortly after her arrival, there was an assassination attempt on Helrion Baden. It was foiled, and host involved are thought to have been either killed or rounded up and tortured. Jen seems to have been involved in some way, and since the failed attempt, she has been in hiding somewhere in the city.

Leader of the doomed Avenging Knives, she was crippled by Gorse and then raised as an Ungral, or Fell, bodyguard for High Legate Cerano. She seems to retain more of her skills than most other Fell, and it is unknown how her hunger for living flesh is sated.

Jen Almasi [Undead]

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