A well-to-do Dorn who is Harbormaster for the Stone Docks


Ioriel is a 155pt character.

Harbormaster Ioriel [150/155pts]
70 ST 11 DX 10 IQ 13 (WL 16) HT 9 (14 FP)
10 Business Acumen +2
15 Extra Fatigue +5
25 Magery +2
10 Status +2
15 Strong Will +3
20 Wealthy
-10 Duty (Harbormaster)
-15 Greedy
-10 Overconfident
-5 Reputation: corrupt bastard -1
-20 Secret: servant of Ardherin against Sunulael and the Devout in the city
18 Administration 15, Area Knowledge 14, Fast-Talk 13, Finance 15, Observation 13, Merchant 15, Search 13, Sneaky Spell (H) 14
28 Analyze Spell, Daze, Detect Magic, Keen Hearing, Far-Hearing, Far-Seeing, Fear, Foolishness, Hide Emotion, Mage Sight, Mind-Reading, Sense Emotion, Sense Foes, Truthsayer @ 14


Ioriel is unusual for a Dorn, in that he has not only devoted himself to business but even thrives under the Shadow. He is large but soft, and works as the Harbormaster for the Stone Docks in Baden’s Bluff. He is in charge of assigning wharves for incoming boats carrying goods, allowing ships to drop anchor, inspecting cargo entering and leaving the Docks and keeping a tally of who comes and goes.

It is well known that Harbormaster is a position that does not pay particularly well, yet Ioriel is always very well-dressed and is clearly well-fed. Everyone who works the Docks can tell you of how they have bribed him, one time or another, and he is in the frequent habit of seizing “contraband” for himself and then re-selling it, even to the person from whom he seized it, at a tidy profit.

Ioriel, for some reason, always seems to get the drop on those who tangle with him. No one talks about him when he is anywhere nearby, and he has gotten the better of many a crafty smuggler.


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