High Legate Cerano [DECEASED]

The head of the Legate order in Baden's Bluff; ruthless, callous and a powerful spellcaster


High Legate Cerano is a 255pt character.

As head of the Legate order in Baden’s Bluff, Cerano is known to be a powerful, though secretive, spellcaster. His focus is presumably necromancy – though he also has significant mind control abilities that he uses subtly but often.

When seen outside the great temple in the Crown district, High Legate Cerano is normally accompanied by a Soldier Legates, a few Fell bodyguards, and undead Jen Almasi. Even in the Temple of Shadow, Jen Almasi is never far.

High Legate Cerano [254/255pts]

120 ST 9 DX 10 IQ 16 (WL 19) HT 11 (19 FP)
10 Ally: Jen Almasi (Undead)
10 Allies: Soldier Fell bodyguards
5 Clerical Investment
2 Hard to Kill +1
2 Hard to Subdue +1
20 Power Investiture +3
25 Status 4
15 Strong Will +3
15 Unfazeable
30 Very Wealthy
-10 Callous
-10 Enemies: the Devout
-5 Disciplines of Faith
-15 Duty: Legate
-15 Intolerance
-5 Odious Personal Habits: Necromancy -1
-12 Reputation -5 Cruel necromancer (to resistance and good people)
-10 Secret: some relationship to Zaindal the Drake
-15 Selfish
44 Acting 15, Administration 16, Alchemy 15, Current Events 16, Detect Lies 16, Diagnosis 15, Herb Lore 14, History 15, Intimidation 16 (19), Knife 12, Occult 16, Politics 16, Religious Ritual 16, Research 16, Staff 10, Surgery 15, Thaumatology 16
58 Death Vision, Sense Life, Sense/Summon Spirit, Animation, Zombie, Control Zombie, Zombie Summoning, Turn Zombie, Final Rest, Mass Zombie, Decay, Sickness, Pestilence, Rotting Death (2/2),
Minor Healing, Steal Energy/Vitality/Vigor (requires minutes), Slow/Stop Healing,
Sense Foes, Deflect Missile (free), Apportation (0-3 for a person),
Fear (free), Panic (3/2), Daze (2/2), Forgetfulness, Binding Suggestion (3/3, custom), Pain (1, -3 next round), Geas 17 (11) (All @ 18)
Move 5.25, Dodge 8, Deflect Missile 18 (free),
Very Fine Chainmail Shirt 1/2 weight, DR 3/5


Cerano never speaks of his life before he came to Baden’s Bluff for the first time. Indeed, as far as the locals know, he appeared as a freshly minted, amazingly powerful legate steeped in evil. He appeared from the shadows, installed Helrion Baden on the Baden throne, stayed around for a few years, then returned to whatever pit spawned him. It came as a great surprise to the court when he reappeared, apparently in command of the city’s legates, a few years ago.

This withered-looking yet still fit old man resides in Izrador’s great temple in the Crown. There he continues his personal experiments in the art of necromancy, sometimes using the legates who displease him as his test subjects. More often he buys the dead and the dying from their bereaved families.

The other Legates do not fear him for his power or his ruthlessness. Instead, he inspires fear for his political and religious affiliations. As for the common people and those outside the Legate circles, they fear him for his power and ruthlessness, which is also very reasonable.

Most recently, after the assassination of Helrion Baden, the High Legate demonstrated the power to raise multiple Fell at once – something that those without much knowledge of necromancy would not even think possible.

With the death of Helrion, High Legate Cerano is competing with Lord Werner Dalmark and Baroness Andilin Westerin to see who will take over control of the city. He is the most powerful of the three, but the least likable.

High Legate Cerano [DECEASED]

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