Helrion Baden [DECEASED]

The "Bastard Count" and titular ruler of Baden's Bluff


Helrion Baden is a 200pt character. It is unusual for him to be seen out of ceremonial armor during the day, and he is sometimes armed with a large, well-made sword that looks quite functional. The blade is known as the Blade of the Baden Kings to those knowledgeable in historical lore.

100 ST 14 DX 11 IQ 11 HT 12
5 Ally: Werner Dalmark (?)
12 Handsome 2/4
25 Status +5
30 Very Wealthy
-15 Greedy
-10 Overconfident
-10 Reputation -2 (spineless, lazy, foolish)
-15 Selfish
-10 Weak Will -2
64 Brawling 12, Broadsword 12, Connoisseur 13, Crossbow 12, Current Affairs 11, Dancing 12, Falconry 12, Games 11, Politics 16, Public Speaking 14, Riding 12, Savoire-Faire 14, Shield 14, Two-Handed Sword 14
Move 3.75, Dodge 6, Parry 10, Block 12
Fine Thrusting Bastard Sword, Fine Full Plate Armor (magically lightened), Fine Crossbow
Cloak of Magic Resistance, Circlet of Authority


When he draws himself up to his full height, Helrion Baden stands well over six feet tall. His solid strength and devilishly handsome good looks combined with blowing blonde hair and steely-gray eyes make him look like something out of legend.

In other, more settled, circumstances Helrion would never have come to the Baden throne. Though he has the honor of being the eldest son of Prince Tomas’s aunt (and therefore the great grandson of Fredrick Baden), his birth was less than legitimate. In fact, ugly rumors swirl around his birth, including the possibility of rape or even a forced breeding program run by a Legate.

Whatever the case, Helrion was born and trained to rule over Baden’s Bluff. He knows how to use his blood to impress the people of his court. He also knows how to fine-tune a gift so that it elicits envy in those who see it. This later skill he uses to set courtiers against one
another and to manipulate the various guards, army officials, government officials, and other power brokers who truly run the city.

Though Helrion may occasionally seem shallow and ineffectual, his desires are anything but.

Helrion Baden [DECEASED]

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