Gwyrlael is a 220pt character

Gwyrlael [220/220pts]
90 ST 8 DX 11 IQ 15 HT 12
42 Caransil:30 ST -1, DX +1, IQ +1, 6 Extra Fatigue +2, 15 Magery +1, 5 Night Vision +5, 10 Perception +2, 0 Native High Elven, (Broken Orcish, Native Patrol Sign), -40 or -20 Enemy: Hunted by Izrador, all the time, 9 or less OR rarely, 6 or less
9 Extra Fatigue +5 (total)
5 Green Thumb
10 Magery +2 (total)
-10 Bad Temper
-10 Delusion: she is the last living Elf
-5 Delusion: the trolls she transformed are “ancestor trees” guarding her
-10 Intolerance: followers of the Shadow
-5 Loner
-5 Nightmares
-15 Paranoia
-5 Primitive TL 2
-30 Secret: The Green Tears, 3 Nodes deep inside the forest


Gwylae is a Caransil Elf living in the Trollscarl Forest. She is insane in a number of different ways, and is also a very powerful channeler. It seems that she has some kind of control, or at least agreement, with the Trolls living there, who defend her and seem to obey her.

Beyond that, not much is known about her. It is not known how long she has been living in the Forest, but every indication is that it has been a long time. Closer to the heart of the forest, it becomes clear that she has had a tremendous amount of time on her hands.


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