Grund [Deceased]

Bloody Mother warband leader and veteran, killed Kenneth's family, led the destruction of Waymeet


Grund is tall but thinner than many other Orcs. He wears black armor composed of sections of chain and articulated plate and augmented by thin, wicked steel spikes. He carries a medium-sized shield of wood, lacquered leather and black iron rivets which is scarred from many battles. In his other hand, swinging almost lazily, is a black flail with a flanged head. Tucked in his belt is a serrated fighting knife that shines with a cold light, which is most certainly not made by any Orc.

Grund is a 95pt character.

Grund [90/95pts]
10 ST 12, DX 10, IQ 10, HT 12
17 Orc
15 Combat Reflexes
5 Legal Enforcement Powers (special operations recruit)
10 Status +2
(-10) Duty
(-15) Sadism

Move 3.5, Block 12, Dodge 7, Parry (knife) ; DR 3/5
38 Axe/Mace 11, Flail 12, Intimidation 11, Investigation 10, Knife 12, Leadership 11, Running 11, Scrounging 11, Shield 12, Spear 11, Survival 11
Flail 12 2d+1 cru, Snow-Elf fighting knife 13 1d imp 1d+1 cut, Armor spikes 1d-1imp, Medium Shield, Chainmail armor
Medium encumbrance


Grund is an Orc veteran and the leader of the Bloody Mother warband that has been sent to reinforce Waymeet. He is not as large as many other Orcs, but his eyes burn with a cruel light, and he walks arrogantly among them as if he has nothing to fear.

He was promoted to lead a larger warband after his successes in the south among suspected Sarcosian rebels. His brutality was such that a few villages simply surrendered when the heard he was coming their way.

For the most part, he ordered them to be slaughtered anyway.

With the death of Karix and the departure of the Cerogen family, Grund is the highest-ranking individual anywhere near Waymeet. After the death of Karix, he declared martial law and began rounding up anyone who tried to flee town, sending a few Orcs out of the town to kill those who had already fled. With only 100 Orcs under his command, however, he did not have the Orcpower to control the town, and many people slipped through his grasp.

Still, the slave wagons have finally arrived, and are being filled with children.

The roundup and destruction of Waymeet being complete, Grund is transferring back to Baden’s Bluff where he will be promoted to the equivalent of Special Operations, trained further, and then put to use.

Grund was murdered in his sleep by Kenneth who took some paperwork on the Orcish Special Forces as well as his snow elf fighting knife and money.

Grund [Deceased]

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