Geirrod Dornill [DECEASED]

A smith, and the leader of the villagers of Dorn Hill, publicly mutilated and then taken to the Temple of Shadow


Geirrod is a weathered, scarred smith and is the man who holds the most sway among the Dorn Hill villagers. He is about a 50pt character


Geirrod is the leader of the Dorn Hill refugees – he, like some others, have taken on the surname Dornill as a way of remembering their town while also fitting in with the urban habit of giving people surnames.

Geirrod has two sons: Galloway and Garvey, who are both trained as blacksmiths as well. Galloway, the older, already has a wife and a child of his own on the way. Garvey is slightly smaller, a few years younger, and more brash in general.

Geirrod Dornill [DECEASED]

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