Fariel is the leader of the resistance outriders in the Baden's Bluff region; AKA the "Black Rider"


Fariel is a 80pt character, a hero among the Sarcosians and Halflings who make up the resistance outriders near Baden’s Bluff.

Fariel [75pts]
40 ST 11 DX 11 IQ 10 HT 11
-10 Duty
-10 Overconfident
-10 Sense of Duty

Dodge 7, Parry (either 9), DR 3/5 (chainmail)
Spear 12 1dimp (2dimp charging), Scimitar 12 2dcut


Fariel is the leader of a few dozen resistance outriders fighting in the region around Baden’s Bluff. They live off the land and off of quiet donations from the supporters who remain alive, striking against supply routes and deliveries to feed and equip themselves. Most of the outriders are either Sarcosian or Halfling.


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