Ebore Arbiter

Erenlander businesswoman who may also dabble in smuggling; strong Gnome connections


Ebore Arbiter is a 80pt character

Ebore Arbiter [76/80pts]
70 ST 10 DX 11 IQ 12 HT 11
4 Attractive +1
10 Comfortable
10 Strong Will +2
-5 Hatred: Legates
-5 Nightmares
-20 Secret: murdered a Legate
-10 Severe Phobia: Parthenomania
Acting 12, Boating 12, Fast-Talk 12, Merchant 13, Sleight-of-Hand 11, Smuggling 13, Swimming 12
2 Accented Trader’s Tongue, Native Erenlander


Ebore suffered a terrible adolescence as the plaything of a local Legate, and only escaped being handed to the Orcs when the Legate’s body washed up on the shore not far from the city. Ebore was taken in by Delwen Todorovich and returned to her family, and since has become a successful tradeswoman herself. For those in the know, she is also known to be a petty smuggler.

Ebore Arbiter

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