Delwen Todorovich

A Gnomish trader and really rather absurd dresser


Delwen Todorovichi is a 105pt character

Delwen Todorovich [103/105pts]
70 ST 8 DX 12 IQ 12 HT 11
4 Attractive +1
10 Contacts: Pirates,
15 Gnome: ST -2, HT +1, Charisma +2, Size -1, Night Vision +5, Talent: Business Acumen (Accounting, Gambling, Merchant, Smuggling, etc.) (TL 3) +2, Native Trader’s Tongue, Move -1
10 Status +2
20 Wealthy x5
-5 Code of Honor: Gnomish business
-5 Curious
-5 Gluttony
-10 Jealousy
-10 Sense of Duty: the resistance
-1 Quirks: weird dresser
Move 4.25, Dodge 8
Fine Large Knives 13 1d-2 imp x3
Acting 12, Area Knowledge 12, Carousing 13, Fast-Talk 13, Forgery 13, Holdout 14, Knife 14, Merchant 15, Smuggling 15, Streetwise 12, Throwing 13


Delwen Todorovich is hard to take seriously in her broad-brimmed hat, colorful silk clothing, and large shiny buckles on her boots. She is a shrewd trader, however, with a lot of connections among Gnomes and other merchants who work in Baden’s Bluff.

Delwen is a tier up in the mercantile hierarchy in Baden’s Bluff – she organizes the activities of a number of other traders in the city. Her life was derailed when she fished Ebore out of the harbor one night, and since she has been focused on helping the young woman recover and find a sense of normalcy.

Delwen Todorovich

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