Deegan Kerak

Deegan is an enormous Orcish butcher, known as the Fleshcarver, working in Weirhold, Leewall


Deegan is a 105pt character. He is even taller, larger, and tougher than the average Orc, and appears to be from a different tribe from most of the Orcs who pass through the city.

Deegan Kerak [100/105pts]
70 ST 15 DX 9 IQ 11 HT 13
16 Orc-raised Dworg
25 Dark Vision
5 DR +1
- Native Orcish
- Social Stigma 1
- Status -1
- Ugly -1
- Vulnerable to bright light; -1 to rolls
5 Reputation +1: meat
-10 Bully
-5 Reputation
-1: brutality
-20 Secret: he’s a Dworg
20 Acting 12, Butcher 14, Intimidation 12, Knife 12, Shortsword 11
Move 5.5, Dodge 8, Parry (knife) 7, DR 2 (natural + leather)
Huge Butcher Knife 12 2d cut


Deegan Kerak is feared throughout his neighborhood and even the wider Weirhold. He is an excellent butcher who often has the best meet in the area, working long-lasting connections among Orcish importers from the slave-fields outside the city. He is not above abusing his customers, however, and even many other Orcs give his shop a wide berth.

Deegan is secretive, and is suspected to have some kind of black market or underworld business going. He was approached and asked to join a local gang as elite muscle – the next day, he was dining on what was obvious a human leg, and the question was dropped.

By the end of the day, the smell of hot, fresh blood permeates Deegan’s neighborhood. At night, he hires slaves to clean out his shop so that it doesn’t attract flies. He is a perfectionist about this grisly work, and is brutal in punishing slaves who fail to satisfy him.

Deegan Kerak

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