Cyrus is Jin's connection and a rising leader in the Resistance


Cyrus is a 90pt character, and is one of Jin’s Contacts

Cyrus [89/90pts]
60 ST 11 DX 11 IQ 11 HT 11
5 Collapsible recurve bow (functions as longbow thr+2)
10 Comfortable
3 Reputation 1 (resistance)
5 Status +1
5 Native Sarcosian, Accented Trader’s Tongue, Accented Erenlander, Broken Black Speech
-10 Duty: father’s business, often
-20 Secret: resistance member
27 Area Knowledge 12, Bow 13, Broadsword 13, Knife 13, Merchant 12, Riding 13, Smuggling 11, Streetwise 12
Move 4.5; Dodge 7; Parry (scimitar) 9; DR 2
Scimitar 1d
2 cut; Large Knife 1d-1 imp


Cyrus is Kaveh’s oldest son and a very skilled rider, though he does not get to indulge his pastime as often as he would like. Unbeknownst to his powerful father, Cyrus is connected to the resistance.


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