Commander Theron Tolsson

Commander of the Baden Watch, the 300-strong Human police force of Baden's Bluff


Theron Tollson is a 105pt character.

Theron Tolsson [99/105pts]
80 ST 11 DX 11 IQ 12 HT 11
10 Comfortable Wealth
10 Legal Enforcement Powers
5 Military Rank
13 Status 3
-10 Bully
-5 Disciplines of Faith
-15 Duty
-10 Intolerance
-5 Obsession: order and cleanliness
16 Administration 12, Area Knowledge: Baden’s Bluff 13, Axe/Mace 11, Broadsword 12, Detect Lies 12, Intimidation 12, Leadership 12, Shield 14, Tactics 11
Medium Encumberance
Move 3.5, Dodge 6, Parry 9, Block 11 (medium shield), DR 3/5 (chain)
Thrusting broadsword 12 1d
1 imp/1d+3 cut


The watch is currently commanded by Theron
Tolsson, a Dornish native of the city and
the son of a family long connected to the worship of
Izrador. His parents and uncles are wealthy merchants
who supply arms for units destined for the Fey Killer’s
armies and supply local legates with luxuries from
Alvedara and beyond. Two of his brothers serve in the
dark temple in the Crown, one as a soldier legate and the
other as a master of rites and rituals. Theron’s family
connections have served him well, and are in large part
responsible for his position of command. He understands
the cost to his family if he fails at his duties, and
therefore pushes his men hard with daily weapon training,
mock battles, and snap inspections. The Crown
guard has become a competent and disciplined squad of
soldiers, but are still far short of being an elite military

Commander Theron Tolsson

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