Colin Tanner

A tanner who works outside Baden's Bluff, connected to the resistance


Colin Tanner is a 150pt character.

Colin the Tanner, Duke of Dalmark [125/150pts]
110 ST 12 DX 10 IQ 14 HT 11
30 Contacts: Spy Network
5 Reputation: the Resistance +2
5 Status +1
20 Wealthy (hidden assets)
-10 Duty: Tomas
-30 Secrets
-5 Sense of Duty: Tomas and his vision


Colin the Tanner works in a large tannery outside Baden’s Bluff which has been in his family for generations. He no longer technically owns it, but he manages it on behalf of Baden’s Bluff, and working outside the city proper, Colin Tanner has the opportunity to make the acquaintance of many unsavory characters.

Colin is a large man, which belies his intelligence and shrewd mind.

Colin acts as Tomas’ representative in the city, and is the hub of the Resistance information network in Baden’s Bluff and the other cities and regions of southern Eriador.

Colin Tanner

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