Captain Abram Hamsten

Runs the Yards and is the Captain of the Southern Pellurian Fleet


Captain Mansten is a 100pt character

Captain Abram Hamsten [98/100pts]
90 ST 10 DX 12 IQ 12 HT 11
5 Legal Enforcement Powers
5 Military Rank
15 Status +3
-5 Code of Honor
-15 Duty
-20 Enemies: the Pirate Princes
-5 Sense of Duty
28 Area Knowledge: Sea of Pelluria 13, Broadsword 12, Geography 12, Law 12, Leadership 13, Navigation 12, Sailing 13, Strategy 12, Tactics 12, Weather Sense 14


Captain Abram Hamsten, commander of the Southern Pellurian Fleet
and a veteran of twenty years of fighting the Pirate
Princes, runs the Yards. Captain Hamsten loathes the
Pirate Princes, blaming them for the loss of his three
sons and the suffering they’ve caused in their pointless
resistance to the Shadow. When the Pirate Princes burn
a port or sink a supply ship, it’s not the orcs and the
legates that go hungry or are forced to work until they
drop; it’s the people of Baden’s Bluff and the surrounding
towns who suffer. When Captain Hamsten is not at
the Yards, he’s on the deck of the Sea Sprite, one of four
warships that call Baden Bluff home.

Captain Abram Hamsten

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