A Halfling ex-slave, reunited with this family and working for the resistance


About average height for a halfling, Callan is surprisingly thin for a cook. Not gaunt, but not as portly as the popular image of a cook. His heavy workday maintaining the Legate’s kitchen (and wine cellar, and larder…) keep him busy enough that he’s never had time to get fat.

With short, curly brown hair and a generally friendly smile, he’s generally willing to indulge those who want to sneak into the kitchen for a snack.

Callan [105/150pts]
Heroic Path: Faithful
First Manifestation: True Faith (modified)
Second Manifestation: Regeneration, Cooking replaces First Aid and being under care of a physician

60 ST 9 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 10
24 Halfling
-ST -2, DX +1
-Fearless +2
-Perception +1
-Move -1
-Size -1
6 Acute Taste/Smell +3
10 Ambidexterity
-10 Dependents: wife and daughter
-15 Poor
-10 Secret
-5 Status: Slave -1
40 Cooking 13, Poisons 13, Herb Lore 8, Survival (Urban) 12, Throwing 12, Knife 13, Stealth 13, Connoisseur 12, Merchant 10, Sleight of hand 11, Fast Talk 10, Holdout 11
10 [Choose a native language – probably get some points back) Accented Spoken/Written Trader’s Tongue, Accented Spoken/Written Erenlander, Broken Spoken/Written Dornish
Move 4.5, Dodge 8, Parry 7
Large Knife, Poisons, Provisions, Cooking Pot, Cooking Tools, Clothes


Callan is a Halfling slave who provides meals for Legate Karix and his two Acolytes, as well as any guests that Karix might have. He is periodically called on to oversee other slaves preparing food for the Orcs garrisoned in Waymeet. Callan is often sent out into town to procure provisions for the garrison and the Legate, and everyone finds this to be far preferable to the Orcs being sent to do the same. Because trade is less than robust with the rest of the world, Callan often stops by Shipporah’s house to buy herbs from her garden for his cooking.

Callan is one of about a half-dozen Halfling slaves who live in Waymeet and work for the Legate. While he is not kind, the ‘turnover rate’ for slaves under Karix is not as high as it is in other places.

Callan is considered one of the most trusted slaves in the Legate’s household, given that he is allowed to prepare food for the Legate’s table, but even he was beaten to within an inch of his life after commiting the “indiscretion” of getting married in secret to Melie, then a house-servant in the Legate’s manor.

Callan’s daughter Content Not Found: ana_ is with her mother _Content Not Found: melie, who was sold to a trading house in Baden’s Bluff. It has been a few years since Callan last saw them. Callan thinks of his family often, and hopes that if he works hard enough, he might have a chance to be reunited with them. His faith in his wife and the hope of his daughter is often what keeps him going on days when he’d like nothing more than to fall over in a heap in the hot kitchen.

Though he has continued to be outwardly deferent and obedient to the Legate, the sundering of his family has created a quiet grudge that Callan would love to act on, were someone to give him the chance…


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