Bron is the leader of the Flayers gang which controls a large part of the Steeps and is expanding


Bron is a 105pt character. He is a wiry young man who has the hard gaze and the scars to demonstrate his rough upbringing in the Steeps. He is blond, has cold blue eyes, and is either lazy or abrupt in his movements and bearing.

Bron [103/105pts]
100 ST 11 DX 13 IQ 11 HT 11
15 Combat Reflexes
10 Fearless +5
5 Rapid Healing
Reputation: leader of the Flayers +2/-2
5 Very fine large knife
-10 Bloodlust
-5 Callous
-15 Sadist
-10 Secret: pacted with the Cabal Legates
-20 Vow/Pact: to the Shadow, provide sacrificial victims daily
25 Area Knowledge 12, Holdout 13, Intimidation 12, Knife 15, Leadership 12, Observation 12, Scrounging 12, Stealth 14, Torture 12
Dodge 10, Parry 9, DR 1
Very Fine Large Knife 15 1d imp/1d cut, Leather clothes


Bron rose to leadership of the Flayers quite suddenly, and since, they have been expanding their territory where they can – including into Tidewater district.

His brief rule over the Flayers has meant generally good things for the Flayers and very bad things for every other gang in the Steeps.

Very recently, the Flayers seem to be organized around a common purpose. They are looking for someone, hunting them, with bad intentions.


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