Baroness Andilin Westerin

A lascivious courtier who is the toast of the Crown district and the Shining Court


Baroness Andilin Westerin is a 145pt character.

She is shockingly beautiful, with dark hair and eyes, and trend-setting in her dress. She is naturally engaging, and enjoys making other people feel comfortable – far more open-minded than the rest of the Shining Court.

Baroness Andilin Westerin [138/145pts]
80 ST 8 DX 10 IQ 14 HT 12
10 Charisma 2
20 Status +4
16 Very Beautiful +6/
20 Wealthy
-15 Bad Temper
-5 Gregarious
-15 Lecherousness
-5 Nosy
-20 Secret
52 Acting 16, Area Knowledge: Baden’s Bluff 15, Current Events 15, Dancing 12, Detect Lies 14, Fast-Talk 15, Politics 15, Savoire Faire 16, Sex Appeal 16 (22), Streetwise 15


Baroness Andilin Westerin is a courtier whose reputation for licentiousness is significant even among other courtiers in Baden’s Bluff. She is a raven-haired Dornish beauty, but has no connection to the old royal family of the Dorns – it is a matter of great speculation how precisely she became a Baroness. She is one now, and plays the part to the hilt, basically having the run of the Crown district, at every fashionable table and every fashionable party.

Baroness Andilin Westerin

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