Atradees Khoyl [DECEASED]

The Hobgoblin houndsman and finest tracker in Baden's Bluff


Atradees Khoyl is a 150pt character

Atradees Khoyl [149/150pts]
70 ST 11 DX 12 IQ 12 HT 11
55 Hobgoblin
- DX 1, HT +1
- Dark Vision
5 Animal Empathy
10 Comfortable Wealth
2 Fearless +1
10 Legal Enforcement Powers
5 Military Rank
10 Perception +2
5 Status +1
-10 Code of Honor
-15 Duty
-10 Enemies: the resistance
-5 Hidebound
-5 Obsession: once he is on the hunt
-10 Sense of Duty: the military
Dodge 7; Parry (sword 9); DR 2
Cleaver 14 1d
3 cut; Spear 12 1d imp
34 Animal Handling 16, Broadsword 14, Hunting 14, Knife 13, Leadership 12, Riding 14, Spear 12, Tactics 11, Throwing 13, Tracking 14, Veterinary 11


The newest and only fully renovated structure in Weirhold, this troop house was built on the foundation of the mayor’s old ceremonial home, which was one of the few buildings razed during the city’s occupation. (The mayor’s position was mostly ceremonial, and he made his real home in either the Kingshand or Guildall district. This house was only occupied by servants unless the
mayor was welcoming important guests to town.) The hobgoblins have since taken over the grounds, maintaining them themselves and populating them with trained mountain hounds under control of a houndsman, who is the highest ranking soldier living in the barracks.

The current houndsman, Atradees Khoyl, is a scarred veteran of several campaigns against the dwarves of the southern Kaladruns. He made his name as a tracker, and his affinity with dogs is legendary among his race. He keeps three large mountain hounds in his quarters, and has another dozen patrolling the grounds day and night. The dogs can often be seen lounging in the shade near one of the two fountains on the grounds. The fountains, along with the rest of the landscaping surrounding the guardhouse, are well kept by the hobgoblins, creating an area of dissonant beauty in a district known for its filth and poverty. The citizens of Baden’s Bluff grumble that the hobgoblins keep the grounds up to rub their faces in their destitute condition, but in truth it is simply in the hobgoblins’ nature to keep order to their surroundings.

Atradees Khoyl [DECEASED]

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