A teenage Sarcosian refugee, currently living in Baden's Bluff


Asa probably has plenty of psychological Disadvantages at the moment, but she also had the wherewithal to run all the way from her village and then sneak into Waymeet at night.

Asa is a 80pt character (in case anyone wants to take her as an Ally or Contact), strong and tall for a teenage girl. She has demonstrated the ability to run, sneak around, and recently to fight with a knife.

In the Battle of Dorn Hill, Asa received what might have been a mortal wound if she had not been tended to quickly. She will carry a significant scar from the sword-stroke, and is recovering slowly.

Once she has recovered fully, or near enough that she is able to walk around, she has every intention of joining the resistance.

Because of her scar and her recent experiences, she has ‘bought off’ youth. Though she is only barely marriageable age (around 16 – no one has asked), no one thinks of her as less than an adult anymore.

Asa is lithe, darkly pretty in an unconcerned way, has a large scar between her throat and right shoulder, and appears haunted and determined.

Asa [79/80pts]
50 ST 10 DX 11 IQ 11 (Will 13/15) HT 11
4 Attractive 1
5 Charisma +1
4 Fearless +2
10 Strong Will +2
-10 Bloodlust
-5 Flashbacks
-5 Obsession: vengeance against the Orcs
-10 Struggling
36 Climbing 12, Farming 11, Herb Lore (VH) 8, Holdout 13, Knife 14, Observation 12, Running 10, Scrounging 13, Shadowing 12, Stealth 13
Move 5.5 Dodge 8 Parry 6
_Fine _Large Knife 1d-1 imp/1d-1 cut (full attack 1d
1 imp), Small Knife 1d-2 imp/1d-3 cut


Asa is, as far as she knows, the only survivor of her Sarcosian village about two days’ journey from Waymeet. She was in the hills picking the last of the season’s wildflowers when she heard screams and smelled smoke. She crested a hill and saw down into the valley where her village lay. Her home, on the outskirts, was ablaze, and there were corpses nearby.

She ran the entire way to Waymeet, crept into town, and collapsed at Shipporah’s door.

She is now, presumably, another orphan being fostered by Shipporah, though for now she is being careful not to be seen in Waymeet by anyone.

Asa has left Waymeet in the company of the PCs with Shipporah and her apprentices, and is currently in Dorn Hill with the PCs. She has acquired a knife, and is working with anyone who is willing to train her. She works herself to exhaustion, until her body is shaking with fatigue, and has a feverish gleam in her eyes.

In the Battle of Dorn Hill, Asa was seriously wounded, and is recovering slowly from a blow from an Orc’s vardatch. She is being tended by Shipporah and her apprentices, as are a half-dozen other villagers who fell in the battle but did not succumb to their wounds.

Now that she’s recovered, Asa has been active with the Watch, and also periodically goes off into the city on her own. There is a very decent chance that, among other things, she is killing people. She has become quieter and more grown-up in the month she has been in the city.

She is neither entirely sane, nor a good person, but she is committed to the cause of killing Orcs and resisting the Shadow.

In light of her frustration from the last fight she was in, she has gotten herself a better knife.

In the aftermath of Jen Almasi’s failure, Asa has been collecting the few remaining Avenging Knives around her. She still single-mindedly pursues vengeance against the Orcs.


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