Arla Dell

Arla Dell is the owner and proprietor of the Tussle House


Arla Dell is a 170pt character, available as an Ally, Contact or Enemy.

She is exotic, direct and dresses in a way that is simultaneously elegant and revealing.

Arla Dell (Areala Duelhe) [168/170pts]
80 ST 9 DX 11 IQ 14 (Per 16) HT 11
46 Caransil (Wood Elves)
-ST -1, DX +1, IQ +1
-Extra Fatigue +2
10 Magery +2
-Night Vision +5
-Perception +2
14 Native High Elven, Accented Orcish, Native Patrol Sign, Native Erenlander (literate), Accented Sarcosian, Accented Black Speech (literate), Accented Trader’s Tongue
-Enemy: Hunted by Izrador, rarely, 6 or less
4 Attractive Appearance +1
5 Member: Aradil’s Eyes
10 Status +2
20 Wealthy
-5 Enemies: legates (either one faction or the other), rarely
-5 Enemies: the resistance (Victor Fausenbender), rarely
-5 Nosy
-5 Obsession: city intrigues
-30 Secret: member of Aradil’s Eyes, Caransil Elf
-30 Secret: channeler
25 Acting 14, Area Knowledge 14, Current Events 14, Disguise 14, Fast-talk 14, Intimidation 13, Karate (Elven unarmed fighting) 11, Observation 15, Religious Ritual 12, Savoire-Faire 14, Sleight-of-Hand 11, Stealth 14, Streetwise 14, Thaumatology 12, Sneaky Spell 15

16 Illusion & Light Spells 8 @ 15: Sound, Simple Illusion, Complex Illusion, Perfect Illusion, Illusion Shell, Illusion Disguise, Independence, Light

20 Knowledge and Empathy Spells 10 @ 15: Tell Time, Alarm, Tell Position, Small Vision, Detect Magic, Identify Spell, Seek Magic, Far-Hearing, See Invisible, Far-Seeing

24 Mind Control Spells 12 @15: Keen Sight, Alertness, Fear, Foolishness, Daze, Fascinate, Forgetfulness, Command, Mass Daze, Emotion Control, Ecstasy 15, Lesser Geas 14


Arla Dell is the owner and proprietor of the Tussle House. Before anyone enters her establishment, she performs a brief ritual in which they must give her something from their own hand.

Arla is influential in her own right, welcome at any party in the city. She can often be seen on the edges of the Shining Court. It does not take long to learn that she has earned enemies among the Legates and even in the resistance, but for an Erenlander madam, she is powerful indeed.

Arla Dell has received tokens from Varrick (a handwritten note) and from Jin (a fingernail) as well.

Arla Dell

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