Farmer Colby

The Colby family moved to Baden's Bluff, sold all they had, and currently live in the Steeps district ekeing out a living


The Colby family rents out their large barns to traders during the summer and autumn arcs, and a lot of what Emre owns is stored there. The farm is also a place where the PCs sometimes meet in the late afternoons just before the Orcish shift-change at dusk. Farmer Colby has a few dogs who live on his farm and who are useful for giving warning of approaching Orcs.

The Colby family is going to be able to afford writs, but will have to go deep into debt to do so, and smuggle a couple members into the city somehow. Once in the city, they have no idea what they will do.

The Colbys have left Waymeet when the PCs did, and their fate and whereabouts are currently unknown.

Farmer Colby

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