Old Man Kenneth [DECEASED]

Old Man Kenneth is a Fell in the form of a hale but elderly man from Waymeet


Old Man Kenneth is now a member of a large group of Fell who will be picking through the ruins of Waymeet before they dissipate into the grasslands seeking fresh meat.


Old Man Kenneth was a reclusive sort who owned a farm on the outskirts of Waymeet. It recently came to light that he has been spreading a rumor about inhabitants of Waymeet and the surrounding villages being rounded up to be enslaved.

In light of this, Old Man Kenneth was arrested by Orcs and brought before Legate Karix, who afterwards dragged him into the Shrine. It has been 2 days and he has not been heard from since.

Old Man Kenneth is the first of many who are likely to be sacrificed in the Shrine, or at the very least publicly punished to dissuade others fleeing before they can be rounded up.

Old Man Kenneth [DECEASED]

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