Baden Burning

Many Meetings

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The heroes return to Baden’s Bluff and return to their lives there, making up for their prolonged absence. Emre is able to expand his trade empire, and of the Gnome Traders he has contact with, one Delwen Todorovich is the only competition at his current level. he spends time in his new bar mind-reading, and also meets the Harbormaster of the Stone Docks, Ioriel, who is an extravagant douchebag with a sinister secret beneath the surface. He joins other traders to lobby The Shining Court in the Baden Court district, and finds that for now at least, in city politics, he is in over his head, and lacks the status to be listened to.

Jin returns to her work as a partner with Kaveh and Cyrus by day, and at night tracks the movement and activity of Zaindal the Drake as it swoops over the city, eating people who break the curfew. She determines that wearing plaid, or clashing colors, seems to deter Zaindal. She also arranged for a number of contraband Watch uniforms make their way into her hands, to assist her in moving around at night.

We return to Verrick being taken into the Temple of Shadow and gets to meet Snaga the Gentle, who over the course of an eternity of agony shows him what his innards look like. Verrick breaks down and does all he can to maintain his cover, but does not now what his screaming and ranting might have revealed. He wakes up in the Tussle House, having lost three full days from his life, and not remembering how his ordeal ended, or how he got there. He has a livid scar down his chest as a reminder. After talking him down from a flashback, Arla Dell lets him know that there is a meeting in the Worm Docks two days hence.

Maeve spends her time haunting the Worm Docks and the Quarries, learning about the city, and at length meets up with Asa, who has taken up leadership of what remains of the Avenging Knives. They agree to work together. For now, Asa’s driving motivation remains revenge on the Orcs. All of them.

The meeting happens out on the Sea of Pelluria, amidst fog and drizzle. The fishing boats are drawn together, and at their center is one Tomas Baden, who introduces himself as well as Colin Tanner. Serge dispels magic on all of the boats, revealing Arla Dell (Areala Duelhe) and himself (Sergoloth) to be Caransil Elves. Maeve and the other heroes are introduced to the others present: Delwen Todorovich and her friend Ebore Arbiter, Kendall Hunter, Cyrus, Niklas Dornill, Victor Fausebender and others dressed as beggars, one of whom is named Ortwin. Along with these named NPCs, there are a couple dozen more NPCs gathered.

Tomas praises the heroes, describes their exploits among the Resistance Outriders, and also explains the heart of their mission – to smuggle magical communication-stones, made by Arla, out of the city so that the attempt can be made to deliver them to other factions resisting Izrador – the Caransil and Erunsil, the southern jungle-dwelling Elves and Halflings, the Sarcosians of the south, as well as the Dorns and Dwarves in the north. If successful, it will be possible for all of these groups to communicate regularly using the stones.

The heroes are also given gifts – Niklas is given a fine battle-axe; Cyrus a collapsible recurve bow; Emre a Legate Bloodstone; Jin a false scrollcase holding three fine javelins; Verrick a book; Callan is given a box of Orcsbane; and afterward, Victor slips Maeve Kenneth’s old knife.

It is revealed, partially, that Verrick was tortured, and that he may have revealed information about the Resistance, but is magically prevented from speaking about it by a “Geas” of some kind. Maeve is tasked with following him without his knowledge.

A great deal of business is resolved between members of the Resistance. At the end of this, there is a large discussion as to how they will sink the troop-ships coming from Fallport (as luck would have it) to Baden’s Bluff. Plans are made, and Emre and Jin are able to convince Reidar Thorolfson to enlist the help of a Pirate and his ‘fleet’ of four ships. Jin is made an “honorary pirate”, and Emre bamboozles Reidar, securing for the Resistance at least 1/2 of the supply cogs, which will contain heavy loads of preserved food, weapons, armor, bolts and arrows, leather, cloth and iron ingots.


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