Baden Burning

Intermission: While They Are Away

Yet another caravan waylaid is noted in the city, and a few Legate teams are dispatched to investigate the occurrence, which represents the loss of a great deal of supplies, particularly newly-forged weapons and armor for the front.

Within the city itself, the Cerogen family is in an uproar over the relatively recent murder of Lem Cerogen as well as a number of others, and the escape of dozens of slaves into the city. It is obvious that the Resistance is behind the atrocity, and they are being decried among the populace even as they are hunted down. Lem’s sons, Lem Junior and Landon, are gathering their resources to find the killer on their own as well as working through “official” channels.

The days of early summer pass. Some of the Cerogen slaves are located and are punished with whippings and mutilations which do not affect their ability to work in the foundry and smithies. Others are simply taken as losses, and more Halflings are purchased or sent for to replace them.

There are a few copycat attacks on the part of disgruntled slaves and angry members of the populace, but most of these are rounded up.

Word on the street is that they are being held until the next new moon, when there will be a mass execution. Those in tenuous positions, debtors and petty criminals, are encouraged to inform on their neighbors to bring those to be executed up to a large, round number.

When word reaches the authorities of the waylaid supply caravan, it is decided that some kind of threshold has been crossed, and more needs to be done. Atradees Khoyl is sent with a contingent of Hobgoblins and Orcs, as well as his steel-sniffing hounds, to track down those responsible.


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