Baden Burning


Act 3 Session 2: Dragonrider

With a thumpf of displaced air, Verrick Appeared in the midst of the midnight gathering around the damaged Pale Mirror. Amidst the exclamations of shock he waves a ledger in the air, declares himself the High Legate, and calls for the immediate arrest of members of the Cabal.

With the groan of a thousand overburdened wooden beams, the roof of the Government House gives way beneath the weight of Zaindal the Drake. The massive undead wyvern crashes through floor after floor of the building, crushing dozens of people under it’s bulk, until it finally slams into the stone floor – it buckles beneath the dread weight, but holds. Amidst it’s feeble death-throes, a figure comes loose and crashes into the splintered remains of a storage room.

She staggers to her feet, and then waves her bloody scimitar above her heard. “I am ”/campaigns/baden-burning/characters/jin" class=“wiki-content-link”>Jin of the Dorn Hill Resistors – Dragon-slayer!"

Zaindal unleashes a blast-wave of sound that shatters the Orcs’ ear-drums and windows as far as a block away. It’s prety thus stunned, it alights at the pinnacle of the Spire and leans down to devour them at it’s leisure. There is a grinding sound and two large stones fall from the pinnacle, trailing loops of sharpened chain. Two chains snap taught around Zaindal’s neck and begin sawing in to it’s undead flesh. It tries to jerk free, only tightening the chains, and begins to thrash frantically, seeking how it might loosen the chains.

Verrick returns to his house in Hearthhome to find it being ransacked by Legates led by Denarius, responding to a sudden burst of magic (Verrick’s departure). He teleports into their midst and demands answers. He cows the Soldier Legates who have entered his home, but not Denarius. The two fight, but Verrick’s teleportation takes him by surprise, and he is able to knock Denarius unconscious before he is crushed by his heavy warhammer. Verrick frightens the other Legates into leaving, and then after a brief argument with Denarius, cuts out his tongue, tussels with him again until knocking him unconscious a second time, and then tells the Legates outside to return his body to Idris.

To guards die to arrows loosed in the night, and the next evening, four of their brethren follow them.

Jin and Maeve lead a dozen Dorn Hill Resistors in dragging up first dozens of feet of sharpened chain and then two enormous stone blocks, arranging them at the top of the Spire in a trap Maeve invented – what is, in essence, a huge animal snare. Large enough for a dragon.

Verrick leaps past Jen Almasi and Kenneth as they grapple, the sounds of their fight eerily muffled by Kenneth’s supernatural abilities. He slips into the door to Cerano‘s old chambers and locks it behind him. He immediately sees that his room has been ransacked, and sets about re-ransacking it. He finds some pages and scrolls detailing necromantic research as well as a hidden ledger detailing Cerano’s interactions with other members of the Cabal. He barely escapes Almasi, and teleports into the midst of those gathered for midnight worship at the partially melted Pale Mirror.

Emre and Verrick stretch their political muscles, and find similar information. Lord Werner Darlmark is the likely next ruler of the city, now having no viable competition for the position (in light of the death both of the Prince and the High Legate). Among the Legates themselves, the fight has begun to see who will be High Legate. Of the few who might claim the position, Idris is best positioned to take it, and feels she only needs to eliminate Verrick as a competitor in order to cement her position. Emre counsels Verrick to throw in his support – Verrick has plans of his own.

Underneath all of it is a deeper fear – that things in the city have gotten so bad that Sunulael will have to personally respond to restore order.

Baden’s Bluff is awash in terror and blood. At night, Zaindal hunts above and the sleepless Fell hunt below. Orcs and Goblinkin rule the streets, and public murders are becoming commonplace. Lights are outlawed at night so that Humans and Gnomes are unable to see well enough to be out even if they had legitimate reasons to do so. With a lockdown on trade and martial law declared, there is little legitimate business to be had. The Orcs are in a frenzy in the Worm Docks, Quarries and Steeps, having, from all anyone can tell, declared blood vengeance on everyone.

Messages go out in every direction, demanding support, aid, and reinforcements. The city has, for the most part, ceased to function.

Things are falling apart all around them.


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