Baden Burning

Act 3 Session 3: The Turn

A big choice

Verrick teleports into the midst of midnight convocation of Shadow, declaring himself High Legate and demanding that members of the Cabal be rounded up, waving High Legate Cerano’s journal in his hand. In the ensuing melee/debate/threat-down, Verrick is struck with a warhammer, beats Legate Idris unconscious, absorbs Legate Cordia’s blows, and ultimately throws himself out his office window and flies away after a failed forgery attempt.

Needless to say, Verrick does not become the High Legate. Not having that particular job is not necessarily a great loss, given what is coming.

The city continues to fall into disarray. Hobgoblins have to usher Orcs through the city just to join the ongoing melee in the Worm Docks, which has essentially been given over to fire and blood.

Dozens, possibly hundreds, rally around Jin’s banner – yes, she has a literal banner made – and they join the fight in droves. Verrick attempts to begin creating new forgeries, sending Maeve to steal paper from the Government House. This does not go well, and Maeve is only saved by the intervention by some Dorn Hill Resistors who happen by, drawn to her screams for help.

Again the various leaders of the Resistance are gathered, this time sailing from the Stone Docks. At least a half-dozen members of the Resistance, including Callan, have been killed or rounded up, and those who remain debate the future of their activity in the city. Many support laying low, enduring the coming reprisals, and then rebuilding in the future.

Led by the PCs, however, they are moved to a very different tactic. They decide to bring the fight to Sunulael, if he comes, and to make Baden’s Bluff the start of a broader rebellion…

Or their grave.


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