Baden Burning

Act 2 Session 3

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle - spurt.

Spotlight Character: Verrick

The heroes, still working with the resistance outriders, are sent by Gwylael back the way they came to face off against the Hobgoblin Rangers sent to kill them. They choose their ground, hiding archers in the trees and a few melee fighters among them, and then Jin lures them in. Atradees Khoyl challenges her to single combat, and loses because he is shot repeatedly in the back. The ambush begins in earnest, and by the end, 7 more Rangers are dead and Atradees is captured, half-dead. The rest retreat and regroup.

Returning to Gwylael, the heroes hand Atradees over to her, and are taken to have a glimpse of the Green Tears, three clear spring-fed lakes in the center of the forest which constitute a powerful Nexus. Gwylael draws her power from this Nexus, and explained that long ago more elves lived here, and the forest was larger, but that an army came, and she is the only survivor. She firmly believes that she is the last Elf left alive.

With the help of Gwylael and around 30 Trolls, the Hobgoblin army is routed, and outriders are sent out to hunt down any escapees or stragglers. Emre learns a couple of new spells, and the heroes return Baden’s Bluff – at this point, they are more than capable of smuggling themselves in and out of the city.

Meanwhile, Verrick is still held in the Temple of Shadow. He is again put to the question as to what happened outside the city, and he is forced to dig himself deeper by the Inquisitor Legate – he attempts to blame his forgeries on his superior, giving details that only he would know, among other things. At this point, he is able to regain some of his composure, and the Inquisitor seems satisfied.

While listening to Prince Helrion Baden‘s speech delivered in the city center near the Temple, Verrick is caught up in the Avenging Knives’ attack. The Prince is shot with a crossbow bolt that lodges in his armor, and Verrick, under the guise of helping him, drives it through the last bit of plate and kills him. He, two courtiers, the Prince’s corpse, and two Legates are taken back to the Temple to sort things out.

It is unknown what became of some of the Avenging Knives’ members – Asa, Kenneth and Victor Fausebender.

A week later, no one has seen Verrick.


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