Baden Burning

Act 2 Session 1

Salt in the Wounds

The heroes, having met up with the Resistance Outriders, ride out to their camp, having distributed the stolen goods from Baden’s Bluff. As night falls, scouts come into camp reporting that a small slave caravan of three wagons will be passing by, and they seem to be trying to move quickly and are only lightly guarded by eight mounted guards and the usual two or three Goblin drovers per wagon.

An ambush is set, and Verrick and Emre open up with a mad dash to the front of the caravan, at which point Emre summons a tornado that hurls most of the Goblins out of the wagons and stuns the rest. Slaves in the cages are thrown around as well. They are able to ride out of range before the one Goblin who went through the tornado unscathed is able to hit them with any arrows.

The rest of the Outriders rid down on the caravan, at least two to each mounted guard. Being better riders and more experienced fighters, the Outriders overwhelm the slavers.

Among those set free is an exotic-looking Erenlander who calls herself Maeve. She is headed to Baden’s Bluff, seeking revenge, and is a natural ally to the heroes.

That night, Fariel shares his plans for the region, hoping the heroes will be able to help him accomplish one, or both. One, which is his favorite, involves the three core elements of every Sarcosial plan – cleverness, riding and taunting. He aims to round up a large number of Fell and to lead them to Grifang, one of the Orc fortresses along the Road of Ruin, in the hope that the Fell would swarm the fortress, killing two birds with one proverbial stone.

The other plan, Emre’s favorite, is to infiltrate and sabotage the salt mines west of the city, which are necessary for preserving meat that is sent to the Burning Line to feed the hordes of the Shadow.

The heroes refitted the captured slave caravan, manning it with armed, freed slaves and Sarcosian riders, and separating another group of Sarcosians on horseback to ride in when signaled. They traveled to Arwich along the Road of Salt and Tears and were allowed into the palisade, after Maeve had already taken the time to scout ahead.

Under cover of darkness, the heroes sacked the town, killing all of the guards as well as Legate Insaeros and his two acolytes. A half-dozen of their Sarcosian allies were killed in the fighting, but more than three times that number of enemies were killed. They liberated the slaves held at Arwich and then took their time to collapse the salt mine entrance. They stripped the town of valuables and portable goods and left, fading back out into the grasslands.

With so many involved, it is impossible not to leave a trail, however.


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